Brain Addiction Disease [BAD]

Brain addiction is a disease. Brain Addiction Disease can be labeled by its acronym BAD. It can be catalogued in disease taxonomies along with ADD, ADHD, OCD, MS, STD and a myriad of other multi-letter dysfunctions that challenge human health. A disease is defined as a pathological process . . . MORE.

Brain Addiction Disease [BAD] meets the classic definition of a pandemic. The World Health Organization defines a pandemic as “a worldwide epidemic of a disease.” . . . MORE.

Brain Addiction Disease [BAD] changes brains. Chemical addictions change brain cells. Definitions of addiction which do not include “brain change” are wishful thinking, bad habits or a coverup. Brain change is the sine qua non of addiction, the prime mover, the first cause. The ability to “Just Say No” is shut down. . . MORE.

Brain Addiction Disease [BAD] can be treated. Treatment is the key. . . MORE.

BAD Poster

Artwork and poster contributed to support Public Service Announcements.